Step 12: Combine!

Picture of Combine!
Do both algorithms, in any particular order!

This will come out pretty fancy looking, I think, at least!

Again, if you can un-do it, feel free to do it!
Chinpokomon7 years ago
For more experimentation, try using a pattern on a face, such as L R and then rotate the cube about U. Keep repeating this pattern over and over and you should get a pattern with a solid top and bottom but a zig-zag on the sides. If you continue the LR rotate about U pattern, you will get back to a solid cube. As long as you are consistant with your pattern, you will ALWAYS get back to a solid cube and there are some interesting patterns that you find when you get creative and stay consistant. One pattern I was trying took nearly 30 minutes before it came back to a solid cube. I nearly gave up and figured I dropped a turn somewhere.