Step 5: Solve the Middle Layer

So now that you have the top layer done, you should be able to make a "small 'T'" on each side by simply turning the middle layer until the middle centerpiece of nColor matches up with its respective colored "side" of the top face.

Now, follow these steps:

1. Once you have that, rotate the bottom layer until it makes a "larger 'T'" with the "small 'T'"

2. Look under that piece to make sure that it isn't green (only in the case of solving for the blue side first. If you're solving for the yellow side, make sure it isn't white. If you're solving for the orange side, make sure it isn't red, and visa versa for all 3 cases)

3. Decide which way it has to go (to the left or to the right (according to the picture)) by seeing which color is on the bottom. (In the example, if the bottom red pieces' bottom was yellow, it would go right)

4. Follow the provided algorithm in order to move the piece, making sure that you're looking at the cube so that the "larger 'T'" faces you.
Aaqib13 years ago
The instructions for right should be D' R' D R D F D' F'
2chanjae4 years ago
It's a bit confusing..
Tidenburg6 years ago
For all the people who find this doesn't work. The instructions are WRONG. If you are using the RIGHT method then the last D rotation should be a D' (i.e a counter-clockwise turn).
karanmaitra6 years ago
karanmaitra6 years ago
I got the T but with other blocks of the same color on the same side.Is that OK.is it possible to continue.
karanmaitra6 years ago
i just don't get the T.I followed the algorithms but no T.Is it OK to have the T with some other blocks of the same color on the same side.
jiggyone6 years ago
ok im stuck really on the notation i know D means the bottom face but which way do i turn it??? and is the (') relevant at all?
D' = D inverted which mean turn d counter clock wise. Without the (') just turn clockwise :)
saxophones6 years ago
please help i dont get this at all!!!
saxophones6 years ago
KeeganISK6 years ago
Ok,Ive got a yellow and orange edge in its right spot, but its turned around YYYlOOO YYOlYOO YGWlRGW Does that make sense? I dont want to mess it up becauese Ive went through the process a buttload of times so I dont want to take any chances.
Perugalla7 years ago
so im lost i cant get the bottom middle block to make the big T cuz they are all the color the top will be..
T3h_Muffinator (author)  Perugalla7 years ago
When you're in that position, move any arbitrary bottom middle piece into the place where the correct piece it, which will move the correct piece down to the bottom layer so that you can then place it back where it should be.
im confused7 years ago
Um, I have a question. I solved for blue first, now I have a piece that needs to go left. the move for right worked and so did the move for left, but it messed up two of my blues. can you help?
T3h_Muffinator (author)  im confused7 years ago
Both the move for right, and the move for left messed up your blues?
Imexhausted8 years ago
I believe you made a mistake in the picture. Unless I'm mistaken, the move for Right should be D' R' D R D F D' F'. Since it should be the inverse of Left, the final D should be D'. Otherwise a really great Instructable. I've solved my cube 3 times so far. Thanks a lot.
T3h_Muffinator (author)  Imexhausted8 years ago

Thanks for catching that, fill fix promptly!

I'm glad you like the instructable =)
What's your average time?
After 2 more weeks of cubing, I got mine down to 1:26