Introduction: How to Solve Sanborn's Kryptos: the Final Piece of the Puzzle - Part 1

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We find what Kryptos symbolizes and the message that Sanborn conveys with this piece of art.

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Step 1: What Is Sanborn Suggesting?

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Step 2: Subtle Clues

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Step 3: Find the Clue

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Interviewer: And why did you decide to reveal the clue now?

JS: Well, this is the month that ..uh..Kryptos was dedicated 20 years ago. It was dedicated on the 5th of November, 20 years ago. and’s also my birthday month. And are several other reasons as well.

Q, the podcast-CBC Radio One:Interview of Release of “BERLIN” clue. Transcribed by Jew-Lee

Step 4: Symbolism

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Step 5: Egyptian Mythology

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Fun Challenge: Find the Benben Stone in Kryptos

Step 6: Rising From the Ashes

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KRYPTOS is also a Greek word. Coincidence?

Step 7: Clues Everywhere

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The number of times he uses the word FEE (7)is also symbolic, as we shall see in Part 2.

Step 8: A Dark Chapter

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In the next part we will see how Sanborn uses another object(s) to symbolize Vietnam.

Step 9: The Search Commences

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The Final Piece of the Puzzle - Part 2