Picture of How To Solve The Rubik's Cube

The Rubik's cube is the best selling toy in the U.S.
some may think it is impossible to solve, even  Erno Rubik didn't think there was a combination to
there are 43,000,000,000,000,000,000 (that is 43 quintillion) possible combinations.
So how can you solve the cube without memorizing 43 quintillion different combinations?
there are things called algorithms that are based on mathematical equations that get pieces to places without messing up the whole cube.
   Some of you may be wondering why i wanted to learn to solve the Rubik's cube, well I am very big into math and I am Very good at memorizing things in fact I have an IQ of 120 but you don't need a high iq to learn how to solve the Rubik's cube. I learn this method last Christmas when I was bored on Christmas break and wanted something to do. It only took me a week to learn to solve it, but it wasn't like I was doing it for a week straight 24 hours a day, in fact i probably spent an hour a day max that's 7 hours max it took me to solve the Rubik's cube. So in this tutorial i will show you a beginners method that I used on how to solve the Rubik's cube and maby later i might teach you an advance method on how to solve it, but you will need to know how to solve it with the beginners method first before you move onto the advanced method.

What You Need
- A Rubik's cube
- an Attentive mindset

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Hanah and others: someone's stated IQ is your problem? There is a "be nice" policy here. I have an IQ of 143 and it does not bother me at all that someone states a different number. I am here to see what was written about the topic. Maybe Hanah needs to learn some better manners - not an issue of IQ, just social ability. Look up the phrase "be nice". You didn't make that one yet, but there is still time.

Okay, so you have an IQ of 120, and you're making run-ons, punctuation errors, spelling errors, and grammar errors. Nice.

I have an IQ of 149 and I was scoring perfectly in every thing in AP calculus in eighth grade but I took normal english 1 and had a 73, IQ doesn't measure how somebody follows rules, it measures their ability to create their own rules of principality and determine things from those rules that coincide with pliable and perceivable aspects of life
NWPC17 days ago
Do you mean you copied the algorithm? I'm pretty sure you didn't create them and you might be a little to full of your self, but I'm glad to see rubik on instructables

I wish I looked at this before I messed up the my cube because now it's all messed up :/

auDI.7.mE1 month ago

one corner piece is remaining no matter how many times i do it

Take your cube apart and put the corner in place because someone took your cube apart and turned the corner and there is no way to solve 1 corner.

My friend you got trolled.

easy steps here go to :