Step 1: Solve for the White + (cross)

Get all of the white center pieces on the white side. The white side is the one with the white center piece. The centers never move.
<p>I love the zhanchi!</p>
R=right side (of the cube)<br>L=left side (of the cube)<br>D= down side (aka bottom)<br>T=top side (of the cube)<br>All I the regular capital letters mean to turn that side clockwise. <br>Ri means right inverted. (Counterclockwise)<br>Li means left inverted. Also counterclockwise. <br>Di means down side counterclockwise. <br>Ti means top side counterclockwise. Comment or like if this helped you!
sorry, whats &quot; Ri,Ti,Ri,Ti,Ri,T,R,T,R...&quot; mean ?
Are the move instructions in Lisp?
Loved the wonderful simplicity of the explanation. I was wondering if you could spend a bit of time explaining the terms used in the formulas, L, R, D, etc.; is it what you are doing to an individual cube or to a whole section?

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