How to Speak Pig Latin





Introduction: How to Speak Pig Latin

This tutorial will teach you how to speak and write in the ancient code, Pig Latin. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials:

• Paper

• Pencil

• A Friend To Practice With

Step 2: Choosing a Word

I chose the word, dog. In Pig Latin, dog would be ogday. Let me tell you how to get that. Take the first consonant of the word dog and put it at the end. Now you have ogd. Now put ay at the end. Now you have ogday, which is dog in Pig Latin.

Step 3: Words Starting With a Consonant:

If you have the word art, where there's no consonant at the beginning, how do you write it out? Take the word, in our case it's art, and add way at the end. Voilá! Now the word is artway, which is art in Pig Latin.

Step 4: Compound Words

Let's learn how to deal with compound words. I'm choosing the compound word, bedroom. There are two word in bedroom. They are bed and room. Treat bed and room as if they were separate. So the word would be edbayoomray.

Step 5: Disclaimer :(

If you meet another Pig Latin speaker, they will probably say everything a little differently and very fast. This would be hard to understand and may make you frustrated. That's ok, keep an open mind when trying to understand this person and practice speaking faster with a friend.

Step 6: All Done!!!

I really hope you enjoyed my tutorial. I worked very hard on it and I hope it makes sense. Thank you for coming and see you next time!



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    That is interesting.

    The illustrations in this are amazing! Wow what a quinsedence our names are very similar!

    Ellohay everyway oneway!!!

    Thank you!

    Very cool instructable! I used it to teach my young children and they caught on really fast. Actually faster than I did. Great job!