This instructable is for people who want utorrent 1.8.1 to go faster. This will make utorrent go a few times faster.

--== Think ==--

Lets think, what can you do with all of that time saved?

Step 1: Getting to the Preferences

1. Go to the toolbar at the top and click options.
2. The select Preferences

*shortcut* CTL + P



Yeah, really, don't mess with this stuff.

Step 4: Results

The results should be good. Utorrent should be going quite a bit faster.

Thanks for looking and hopfully using this instructable.
<p>Thanks! Went from 48kb/s to 10mb/s</p>
The scheduler stuff is actually pretty helpful with seeding.<br>If you got file that you want to seed you can set it up so that U-torrent will open when you turn on your computer. then using this scheduler you can make it seed a different file each day. That way the seed faster then if they're all going at once. ;)
Thank you very much, even with my bad internet connection my rate went from<br>48 kb/s to 270+ !!
Thank you so much :) I have a bunch of hard-to-find foreign films downloading that have been taking forever and your expertise helped me enjoy my movie night
you're welcome =P<br/>
Hi using u torrent 1.8.5 on vista hp 32 bit so what new speedier settings might i try out - thanks . .
Does this work with uTorrent 2.0.1?<br />
no<br />
Can we make the maximum upload rate 1kb/s or is that not faster?<br />
Actually no you shouldn't. If you look closely, it says 0 = unlimited. <br /> If you set it to 1, you are limiting it to one kb/s (at most). <br /> If you set it to 0, you may achieve a lot more than 1.<br />
my one went down by about 20% is it just me or od i have a lousy internet connection?<br />
&nbsp;I Did exactly what you said ...... Look at he results, There great right......OH wait the green line is supposed to go the other way, &nbsp;I think? <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>http://www.upload.mn/view/32ae3hu02g5gt3y66wgp.png</div> <div>&nbsp;</div>
utorrent version?<br />
because utorrent (i think) recently released a new utorrent version.<br />
&nbsp;NO! that is illegal downloading, Unless there are deeds of free .... &nbsp;xBox wii pc and movies
&nbsp;I'm with /\&nbsp;<br /> <br />
10Kb/s increase YAY!<br />
im not sure whats going on with my utorrent. i dont know 2 much about this sort of stuff. i did this and i think it may of worked a little bit but its still saying its going to take like a day to download a season.. but it's already been a day :(
that's probably just your internet connection. internet speed tends to go up/down even if you're not doing anything.
There are many good guides out there for micro Torrent (uTorrent) as well as other bT programs... and one thing common to them all is the fact that you have to take a few steps customized to your specific machine. In other words, while this guide worked for you and your setup, it would slow down my machine because of my network and router settings. There is no single method for everyone... you should definitely mention that, and then research the proper way to help others set up uTorrent on their machine, instead of listing specific numbers to type that will yield poor results for a lot more people than it will help. Fix it; until then, this is a bad instructable. 0.5 stars.
Oh, and by the way - the settings you are recommending are basically leech only, and will in the end net slower speeds because of lack of seeding. A client with a Leech to Seed ration of 1.0 or less gets lower priority and won't download nearly as fast as one who has, say, a 4.2 or a 9.6 (random numbers). I have noticed as my seeding ratio has increased (I am now at an 11.4), my connections are solid on every single download, no matter how few seeders there are.
not necessarily true. My share ratio is well below .1 (go ahead and preach to me) and it's not unusual for me to dl around 1mb/s although overall average is around 400 kb/s. I think it just depends on the files you're downloading
I'm not saying you cannot get good speeds with a low ratio. But with a high ratio, you ALWAYS get good speeds. I have gotten files with 5-10 seeders (or less) and 100+ leechers active. And I get full speed (8-12 mb/s) on those files now. In the past, when my share ratio as <1.0, or even up to about 2.5 or so, I would sit at a crawl on files like that for hours (sometimes days, even weeks), until either the number of leechers dropped, or the number of seeders increased, or both. Basically, the ay it works is that most P2P clients today will use that ratio to determine your priority. If you have been waiting 'in line' for hours to download a file and your ratio is low, someone else may come along with a higher ratio and walk right in front of you and get that bit you needed first. it doesn't mean you'll never get anything, or even that you'll always have bad speeds. It just means you don't get everything as quickly as you could - and as I said before that can make a difference of not only hours, but days and weeks.
I never knew that, i should start seeding
seeding slows your internet speed just a little.
Karossii has it right on the nose - if you have uPnP enabled, you should have randomize port turned on. Those settings may work for you, but my ISP is different from yours, and its all subjective and relative. Scheduling can be a very important thing, so saying 'DONT TUCH THOSE' is uninformative. Try explaining what each setting does vs. the infrastructure of a torrent, and people could learn from it...Such as karossii suggests; the server knows your seed ratio, and if its less than one, you get crap for packet offers from other peers.
instead of 2 days and 6 hours, it's gonna take me now 14 weeks and 2 days... are you sure where ain't something wrong in this Instructable?
utorrent version?
of course, i downloaded utorrent 2 days ago at dat the official site (2 days before i posted)
thanks .... u r great!!!
my speed dropped by 20kb/s ???
is your utorrent verson 1.8.1? if it is, it is probably your internet network. either you are using alot of bandwidth (like playing games or many applications using internet) or other people on your network are using bandwidth.
uhhh......i dont understand? my default "speed while ratio "is 150% and you told me to turn it down to 100?
it's suppose to make it faster with the rest of the configuration of utorrent
but.... no! now my speed is slowing? are you shure?
is you're utorrent version 1.8.1?
no its 1.8.2
this instructable isn't for 1.8.2
you foreward your ports right?
then why did you have randomize port each start checked off
where? if it's step 2 pic1 : because 443 is about the fastest
still why do you randomize?
and thanks for the 500th comment
ive also found that rightclick>bandwidth allocation>high also speeds up the connection a bit. great instructable! very simple and it works!
Nice TUT, but you can also change the value in Preferences > Advanced > net.max_halfopen to 80
Thanks man, this really helped
thanks dude.... it helped me a LOT......... cant thank enough
Instead of using 443 as a port. Use 45682. It's always open.

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