Have you ever got bored of your room, and wanted to spice it up a bit or decorate it? Well no need to worry! I will show you many ways to design it!

Step 1: Move Around Your Furniture

move around your furniture around your room, like bed, sitting place, drawer, etc.. It will make your room look at bit different since you kept your furniture somewhere else for a long time. Ps. If you've seen the picture of my sitting place and want to make your own, check out my other instructable!! Dirty laundry bucket/ chair decor for your room!
I love your room
Check out my page!! Plantin pathway love you smooch
Oh sorry about your arm and I like mustaches so I just out that up
I got attacked by fire ants today. :-(
Why is your profile pic glasses with a mustache? Nothing offensive just curious.
Never mind they won't let me. I can only put decals on my walls.
Cool! My parents will probably let me only if I do it by myself.
Oh sorry about that, maybe you can still decorate it with DIY stuff :D
Nice room! Sadly my parents won't let me do tat.;(

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