Picture of How To Spot A Liar
In a world of seductive scams, our sanity depends upon our ability to recognize lies. To enhance this ability, we must learn new ways of perceiving the world and strive for higher standards of honesty than are currently popular.

You should not believe anything that is in this instructable. If you are a searching person, you will eventually see that the patterns contained in the following steps can be verified. If you take the time and effort to investigate, you can see for yourself if these explanations and examples fit the real world.
Mere belief will not do. To verify the truth of anything that is said or written, you must see it and understand it before you can use it. You must live it before you can learn it.

To make it perfectly clear, this instructable is not about detecting liars only when you are face to face with them. If you want to learn about face-reading and micro-expressions (the brief expressions on a persons face that reveal their true reaction), there is an excellent book on this called: Unmasking the Face. It is available at

If you are interested in learning to spot a liar with body language, a good online source is here.

Many lies are to be found on the radio, in the news, or in written form, where you cannot see the person in question. This instructable is about the psychology of lies and the methods, techniques and arguments that liars often use. When you begin to see and remember these often repeated patterns, you can begin to learn how to spot a liar that is not in front of you.

Right now, most of humanity is under the domination of tyrants. In China, Russia, Cuba, Africa, and other parts of the world, tangible tyrants continue to rule. In all of the other countries, tyrants without a face, unseen forces, work behind the scenes to manipulate, indoctrinate, and obfuscate. It is the proliferation of lies and the willingness of people to accept lies, that makes this possible.
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You sir are a philosopher.
dwhp5 years ago
5 sta an av!
u know what? i was gonna go off on u about the instructable, but after reading patrick pending's comments, ive decided to be nice. it was a clever instructable.
hah! now im in front of YOU! but i dont get this instructable
first comment! i like this instructable very much. it has a lot of good points.
This is blasphemy! I is T3H....
This is cake town
omg its the muffinator! muffinator, please teach me your secrets! (btw that name and picture seem so fimiliar, did you want to make a sweet rubiks cube with me?)
humm, did you ever go onto the algorithm instructable? (the one tat tells you how to figure out a rubiks [sp?] cube.)
Uhh, yeah! Check out my member page and click on "how to solve a rubix cube"
Name one then. L
"Mere belief will not do. To verify the truth of anything that is said or written, you must see it and understand it before you can use it." "A lie is designed to create a separation between Reality and what we think or feel." "What we think and feel sometimes does not clarify our view--but blocks it."
I know this is controversial, but I value those points highly.
Statement 1 is about verifying truth, which implies only that which can be verified is true.
You can't spot a liar by assuming the unverifiable is untrue. You could spot a liar by having a verification return false (this isn't in the Instructable)

Statement 2 is a bit poor.
A lie is designed to present as true something which is not. And there are plenty of designs and reasons behind them. "Separation between Reality and what we think" is just an elaborate way of putting it, it follows that if accepted truths are not reality, a person't thinking becomes separated from it.

And for number 3 - some people go with what they feel, because the unemotional view can be dull to miserable.

Wow! You couldn't actually build much of a philosophy around those 3 statements could you? The first two are lies (because they can be proved false) which is pretty ironic given the title of the instructable and the third is somewhat less than earth shattering.

If you value two lies and a "sometimes" highly, then I agree with you, your certainly controversial. However, you have a right to your opinion and I respect that.


Pat. Pending
@ MIKEY77 Here is some constructive criticism and also a chance for me to see if I have learned to spot a lie: These points you made are true (although you do seem to be shooting yourself in the foot with them): "You should not believe anything that is in this instructable." - Ain't that the truth! "Occasionally, a lie is so obvious that anyone can easily see through the sham." - I guess this was one of those occasions, the instructable is a sham for you to sell books. "People who know little about a subject like to act like they know a lot." - Yeah, some of them even go so far as writing books! These are a few of the many lies and distortions I spotted: "The doctors and lawyers, politicians and tax collectors; they make the rules and explanations intentionally confusing." - My wife is a lawyer and she certainly doesn't do what you claim. She specializes in law that ensures care for the elderly, before that she was protecting the legal rights of people with mental health issues, before that education law and before that intervening and protecting children from child abuse. Actually, I am pretty damned proud of her! for that matter, the Doctor that operated on her and saved her life when she got sick was also pretty cool! "A person who is cold looks at a tree and sees a source of firewood. Someone who is hot looks at the same tree and sees cooling shade." - Funny, I look out my window at a tree and regardless of temperature I think those pigeons have been crapping on my car again! "favorite excuses:" ...blah, blah... "4. DNA molecules (heredity) did it." - yeah I get that one all the time (no really I do), would definitely be in my top 5! Huh! I had better stop otherwise I would end up commenting on everything you wrote. Anyhoo, how are the book sales going, good I hope. I am certainly doing my best to raise awareness of your excellent product range. However, you may want to know that under the Instructables Terms and Conditions of Use, section 8. MEMBER CONDUCT,You agree to NOT use the Service to: "g. Upload, post or otherwise transmit any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation;" Whoops! I guess that pretty much covers your instructable. In fact it covers all of your instructables! Never mind you could always say that "DNA molecules did it". Hope you found this helpful. Cheers, Pat. Pending
armstrod7 years ago
Great instructable. I did spot a hypocrite, even while i was reading it, and thats mighty close to finding a liar. So lets see what we've got here then... Advertising lies... Interesting, so how about I take an example to try the theory out on. Say, hypothetically speaking, I found a free instructable labled "how to spot a liar", that didnt actually have any information on how to spot a liar in it. But it does have a link to the creators website where i can buy his ebook that apparantley has the rest of the info in it... sooo is that a advertising lie? I do like how you layered it there, the warning is an actual example... deep... Next we've got "Expert liars". Ooooh this ones sending a tingle down my spine. Noteable quoteable: "They'll try to make the simple complex... and the complex incomprehensible"... I like that. But three sentances on I must admit u lost me a bit. "They want you confused and frustrated and so far removed from your common sense that you will submit to any bureaucratic enlargement or the next volume of indecipherable regulations." ... Umm sorry lol, those big words and all, are you saying they're going to try and trick me by using big words? Or is bureaucratic enlargement what they're selling in all those junk emails I keep getting. Sorry, I know its a bit of a daft question, but I figure hey, if your happy to request payment for your ebook, you must fancy urself a bit of an expert in the field and can clear that one up for me. "Statistical lies", hey I'm gonna agree with you on that one, and no outlandish or hypocritical claims in it so its actually quite good... "Games liars play" tho... oooh I do like the baseless accusations bit. Lets give it a try. Here we go, found a good one, "The doctors and lawyers, politicians and tax collectors; they make the rules and explanations intentionally confusing." Wow your right, I mean I know that medicine, the law, politics and tax accounting are as fundamentally complex and difficult as the subject they're based upon... but that baseless accusation makes me feel angry and liable to overreact... what to do, what to do! If only there was a link to a site I could buy an ebook that would explain the issue of liars properly... Ahh well, lets see what else we've got... "They tell as much truth as possible, then mention what is not easily disproved" Getting bored of typing now, see above paragraph and quote on doctors etc purposely making medicine a difficult subject. "It is Wrong For You To Tell Me What is Wrong"... phew, had to re-read that sucker four times before it sunk in... I'm still not sure what exactly is my business, the whole thing seems to just "Muddy the Waters". Meh I think I've said my fill, and u wouldnt have heard a peep from me if this instructable wasnt just a plug for your ebook. Just really tickled my funny bone to find out this was nothing more than an except from an ebook ur trying to sell, especially when you've included the chapter bashing advertising. You make some good points, you make some downright wrong points, but there was some interesting stuff either to agree with or argue with either way. But If I may. If you do hope to set urself up as an expert on lying, then do yourself a favour and either print your full thoughts on the subject, or stop plugging you book here. Salvage what little credibility you can and just lose the links. I know we all want to make a buck... but ur undermining your entire arguement by including those links.
lemonie7 years ago
(I wish you wouldn't put horrible & irrelavent images on these)
This reads more like an essay on lies and related areas. I didn't learn how to spot a liar.

The Man is working on something sophitsicated...

rikkdbomb7 years ago
this is very informative and such, but the title of the instuctable is very misleading. In fact, the whole article seems to give me the message: this is the introduction for understanding human nature in terms of lying, if you actually WANT to spot a liar, go and read my e-book that may or may not actually contain how to spot a liar. what i was hoping for was something like: look for blinking more often than usual.. etc. etc.
but patrick pending, if he taught you how to spot a liar then in fact he did not lie! wich would make YOU the liar! and it was alot of rambling but the cartoons made it worth it, plus reading the instructable filled up 15 minutes of my time that i would have just been laying down.
I am of course a compulsive liar (and that's the truth, honest). I see you have also learned from this excellent and informative instructable and spotted me for what I am ;-)

In this instructable he plugs the book he wrote (available to buy on his website). on his "Make Yourself More Peaceful. How to Eliminate Anger" instructable he shamelessly plugs another book he has for sale and on the "Make Conductive Glue and Glue a Circuit" instructable he is also offering stuff for sale via his website.
I'm not skeptical about his motives though I am a trusting sort of guy. I am absolutely convinced that he is more concerned for our moral guidance and that his own commercial interests are purely coincidental.

Anyhoo, I'm sold I am off to his site to buy all his excellent products.

PS Did you spot where I was lying? Did what I say make you angry?
Would you like to buy a book to help get you through it?
I have the solution, check out my websitewebsite for my latest self-help book only $20
Thanks for the instructable but if I'm honest (you tell me) I would have to say that it was rambling drivel. Please take my comments as constructive, I am not trying to be mean. While the instructable refers to lies and liars It doesn't tell you how to spot them! - so I guess you lied in the title and I spotted it -hey that's really clever. you subliminally taught me how to spot a liar, I'm impressed ;-)