Painters tape
Sand paper
Nerf gun

Step 1: Take Apart Your Gun

Unscrew and paint each part separetly

Step 2: Spray Painting

When you are spray painting it is important your covering areas such as the trigger with painting tape, because if you get paint on the trigger, it may not work properly. Also, don't put ALOT of paint on one spot, instead use quick, short bursts of paint until you cover the whole gun. Make sure to sand down your gun first.

Step 3: Note From the Author

This was a short guide, but it works

Spray paint can get messy
I recommend doing this outside

I painted my maverick rev-6 but this guide is for any gun
<p>I made it it was net haird</p>
Also, sanding down your gun first helps the paint stick to the plastic better
Sorry for mispellings

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