Step by Step video on how to spray paint a t shirt using Kyrlon spray paint! if you have any questions comment or message me!
the video isn't showing up on my phone
Thanks for sharing; Jesus Christ Bless you! :)
<p>Not everyone can spray paint as talented people, spray painting is like an art, you have to born with it, but making a a detailed video like this one can be way too helpful</p><p>www.spraysite.net</p>
I joined just to comment on your Superman shirt. Good job! You're funny, too (&quot;find a phone booth&quot;). <br>Does the paint makes the material stiff? If so, does it get softer/less stiff after washing?
That's not an exacto knife.
Your right! it is not an exacto brand hobby knife but a retractable hobby knife made by sharpie I believe
:P haha. Good instructable, I've made a lot of shirts for a friend's band this way. Two and a half years later, they still look good.<br>
Anyone else just seeing a big black box instead of the vid?

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