How to Spray Paint a T-Shirt!





Introduction: How to Spray Paint a T-Shirt!

Step by Step video on how to spray paint a t shirt using Kyrlon spray paint! if you have any questions comment or message me!



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    8 Discussions

    the video isn't showing up on my phone

    Not everyone can spray paint as talented people, spray painting is like an art, you have to born with it, but making a a detailed video like this one can be way too helpful

    I joined just to comment on your Superman shirt. Good job! You're funny, too ("find a phone booth").
    Does the paint makes the material stiff? If so, does it get softer/less stiff after washing?

    Your right! it is not an exacto brand hobby knife but a retractable hobby knife made by sharpie I believe

    :P haha. Good instructable, I've made a lot of shirts for a friend's band this way. Two and a half years later, they still look good.

    Anyone else just seeing a big black box instead of the vid?