Step 9: Frame and Hang

Picture of Frame and Hang
I used lead channel to finish this piece, although it is not necessary.   I cut the channel to fit around three edges of the piece and soldered them together at the edges, and soldered it to the glass pieces at every intersection.  This works exactly like soldering the copper foil.

To hang the piece, I soldered on two loops of tinned copper wire (see second image).  This was plenty of strength to hold the weight of this piece. 

Finally, clean your piece well with a mild detergent or glass cleaner, and display in a well-lit environment.

I hope these few basic steps are enough to encourage and inspire you to try your hand at stained glass.  From here, it's just a small journey to creating all sorts of decorative and three-dimensional pieces.  Have fun, and be sure to share your own creations in the comments below!

Yup, a good series. My last question has to do with the top... did you give any tho't to securing the tops of the flower pieces with a supporting wire? Not necessary I suppose but...

Good series and I'm sure helpful for a lot of newbies and new-to-the-gamers... your instructions/photos are right on and the final product is quite attractive. Wonder what else -- oh, I see this was done in 2011. Oh, I imagine you've moved on since then. Ah, well....

Thanks, and a big pat on the back.......


BarbaraR25 months ago

More steps than I thought there would be. Your step-by-step instructions were easy to follow, though I now have a better understanding of what's involved and may chicken out attempting it. :)

BCZF4 years ago