Picture of How To Start Your Own Graffiti Research Lab
Starting your own fake laboratory is easy, but we'll try to make it seem hard in these six pompous steps.

Step 1: Hackers + Graffiti Writers

Picture of Hackers + Graffiti Writers
Hackers and graffiti writers unite! The street and the Net are both filled with opportunities for small people to alter the course of large systems. Hackers pieced up the Internet by sharing ideas, and writers hacked a billion-dollar transportation system to move their art around town for free.
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terrefirma7 months ago

If anyone cares, Tampa City Council approved $80,000.00 for someone to REMOVE the iconic 'graffiti' left along the waterfront by years of rowers. Because of a newer project that's more appropriate, according to the mayor.

zrippel1 year ago
Open source as the sixth element of hip hop. Straight up. 808
articice5 years ago
buy a laser?? how would this help?
Twist9 articice5 years ago
http://graffitiresearchlab.com/projects/laser-tag/ Welcome to the future.
luifer78 Twist93 years ago
Are you kidding its a flippin laser! What wouldn it help? :)
luifer783 years ago
Hello if you want to see something amazing with a laser see my LASER GRAFFITI "HOW TO"
ImMoRtAl-6 years ago
So illegal hope u get caught =]
It's art. This guy is talking about using his creativity and skill to transform a barren and forgotten strip of concrete into something amazing. I understand this isn't David or the Mona Lisa but it's a hell of a lot better than the BZ blood tags we have thrown up in my town.
You sound like Big Brother's spy.
Metalman0004 years ago
Thanx so much for da inpiration!
ipatch7 years ago
best damn instructable there is man! me and my best friend Heaton went out and took some pics with a glow stick and are work on our projection bombing! We live and a plain old town not a city but there are plenty of football fields to write our messages on Peace
1. Don't say 'Peace' unless you mean it 2. Peace and Love go together, you cant have one without the other 3. A Graffiti Research Lab probably wont promote Peace and Love, considering the instructable said 'with rap music' and rap music talks about shooting people when they look at your shoes wrong.
First off, that's extremely prejudice. True, some rap is about "shooting people when they look at your shoes wrong" but that's only the commercial stuff. If you actually would be open to new ideas, you would hear that all rap isn't just about violence. Second, when the instructable was making a reference to a video made by the Graffiti Research Lab. Don't Hate.
not 100% true. i think graffiti writers (artists) would be more attracted to underground rap and hip-hop, like Aesop Rock and El-P, who both are trying to campaign against war (although not in the same way others are, i'll give you that one.) i agree with the peace and love statement though, thats totally correct.
I bet you'd know since you studied the Graffiti Artists Uniform Handbook and policies, huh.
I've Been writeing for a bout a yeah, and i gotta say, I love Aesop Rock. Ha
oh really? ALL rap music is about shooting people? thats interesting because the rap i listen to is about anti war, and everyday life. and many graffiti writers, of all sorts uh.. DO promote peace and love in different forms. if you've ever looked at graffiti a large percent of it is about exactly that. peace and love.
bvicarious7 years ago
Where does "Get loads of funding from an art gallery; proceed to dump paint all over their building" fit into this scheme?
Pahahaha. This sounds like a plan. Lets go do it.
I think you do that after you have started your own Graffiti Research Lab.
JohnJY5 years ago
Last year or so I started a FLGRL, Florida Graffiti Research Lab with some friends down here in FL, but that hasn't done anything for years, yet I still update the website...
guy905 years ago
Epic! Liking the imagery you've used for each page too,nice one! :)
oligore7 years ago
"lick expensive artwork" I thought graffiti artists of all people would know what it feel like to have your art damaged.
JohnJY oligore5 years ago
I think what he meant was: My works better then yours!!!HAHAHA!!
But he just said licking artwork.
It feels awesome. In the first Gulf War, I used to get the next day's paper as soon as it came out, cut it and xerox it until it was Today's Poster, then go around town putting them up. Some of the posters would be rudely torn down, and some would be carefully untaped and taken away... I'm not sure which made me happier.
JohnJY5 years ago
Your name is fi5e, but...but...But...That's the name Evan Roth, creater of the Graffiti Research Lab and F.A.T,gave him self...are you Evan Roth,or just a fan.(*A.K.A. Impostor Getting My Hopes Up,So I Turn Into a Crying Baby(because I didn't get to communicate with Evan Roth...)
I think that's his old name though, because his website is ni9e.com.
install linux?
clark6 years ago
"curse in the source code" ...amazing
Derin clark6 years ago
he he...
int f***=1;void setup(){Serial.begin(9600);Serial.println (f***);}void loop{}
dardy_77 years ago
How true...as soon as computers become self-aware we ARE in trouble. The Terminator movie series is a forbearer of things that could possibly come to pass.
Parahnus7 years ago
Awesome But I Have Trouble With Major Advertisement Billboards. I Have To Climb The Pole Thingy To Get Up There Do You Know How To Unlock The Ladder So, I Wont Have To Just Fall On My Head Half Way Down???
try getting like a fire engine, also with that use paint in the hoses instead of water so you can graffiti on the cops cars when you're in the chase and fire up the blues and 2s and graffiti while your shooting it at the
yea get some buddys to bring your own ladder and prop it up to the existing ladder.
Damm......................We Had To Leave It Somewhere In Hayward. But A Tecate Cervasa Billboard Is More Eye Catching Now
hac7 years ago
This. Instructable. Rocks. (Except I don't really care for rap music.)
camb007 years ago
i first started of with stickers and stuck them everywhere!. we found a car that was somes who went on holiday so we kinda like stuck 124 sticker on it lol
unspecified7 years ago
This is Dr. Pimpenstein
Dim-17 years ago
I'm almost done building my own GRL, thanks for the instructable.
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