Cake pops can be frustrating, I know. But, with some simple tips and tricks they can become easy. Let’s review some solutions to common cake pop problems and before you know it, they will be your favorite sweet treat too!Today’s cake pop challenge… taming those unruly cake balls that fall off the stick.

Step 1: Did You Add Too Much Frosting?

Some cake pop recipes call for you to create the cake ball “dough” by adding an entire can of frosting to your cake pop crumbs. Woah! There’s no need to be so frosting happy! Going overboard can cause your cake balls to fall of the sticks. The best rule of thumb is to start out with a small amount of icing and slowly add more until your mix reaches the consistency of clay. In my basic cake pop recipes, I use 1/3 to 1/2 cup of frosting.

<p>I want to cook some cake pops now!</p>
Wow, I have to make some cake pops now! ;$
<p>Thank you so much... Really Helpful :)</p>
<p>Great tips! I had such a hard time when I made cake pops, way back when, and I can already see many things I've done wrong. I'm going to have to give them a try again :)</p>

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