Introduction: How to Stop Rabbits/animals Chewing Cords

My bunnies love the texture of rubber so im constantly buying phone chargers and cords. This trick is easy, cheap and super effective!

I know this isnt beauty related but i want to help fellow bet owners!

Step 1: Buy Wire

You want to buy wire which also has some sort of cover over it to distract animals.

I bought a 10 metre roll and it cost me 4 or 5 dollars.

Step 2: Wrap Around the Whole Cords

Take the wire and wrap in a circular motion along to wrote cord or wire, leaving a 3-4 mm gap in between each loop.
Cover all hanging cords and your done! This is super easy but takes time.

As you can see my bunnies have already started chewing and the iPhone cord is intact!


Kammy+Kay made it!(author)2015-09-13

I don't understand how wrapping a wire with wire, discourages rabbits that like chewing on wire from chewing on two wire's? Perhaps I am being dense, but could you elaborate? Please & Thank you :) !

%E5%AE%89%E9%99%B3 made it!(author)2015-08-13

or add some chillies and the bunnies would stop hahaha

DaddysGal22 made it!(author)2015-04-15

One of your bunnies look exactly like one of mine xD

jnoahr made it!(author)2015-03-01

Where did you find the Flexible Tie Back?

SparkySolar made it!(author)2015-02-26

i put hot pepper sauce on my cords

eruger made it!(author)2015-02-27

Sorry to duplicate your suggestion above. Somehow I missed your comment :/ I've heard that bitter spray actually attracts rodents, and many birds too.

eruger made it!(author)2015-02-27

Huh. Spearmint is supposed to repel rodents, I just saw.

Sangri31 made it!(author)2015-02-26

hot pepper never worked for my bunnies, or bitter spray. they still chewed and it gets all over your hands if you touch the cords you get it in your hands and eyes.

JavaProgrammer made it!(author)2015-02-26

try off bug spray. It works for our dogs

eruger made it!(author)2015-02-27

Good, simple Instructable. What about wrapping it with paper tape, then painting it with a little chile juice? Most critters avoid it. Obviously you'd have to go light or you'll wind up rubbing it in your eyes eventually. Think it would work? Side note: I know that would NOT work for parrots, many of them love chiles. I wonder what would repel them, since with a beak like that, a second or two is all it takes to wreck or sever a smaller cord?

Zuhdan+Ubay made it!(author)2015-02-26

How about the magnetic field?

fzumrk made it!(author)2015-02-26

Split Loom wire protector works pretty good too. It's probably a little less labor intensive to install.

wbannister made it!(author)2015-02-26

now put a high current though the outer black wire, they won't do it again lol

Brian35 made it!(author)2015-02-26

That's genius

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