Im no professional, nor am I a coin dealer, but I've been collecting for 2 years now and I am up to about 600 unique pieces, including my personal favourite, the Royal Canadian Mint's $5 1 oz 9999 silver clad in gold coin commemorating both the 2010 olympics and the Men's hockey triumph.

Step 1: Items You Need

Youll need:
2x2 paper coin slots
5x4 plastic sheets to hold 2x2 coin slots
A stapler
A pen
Time, and lots of it
<p>Use a pair of pliers to flatten the ends of the back of the staples (once they hold the 2X2 together). Otherwise if you for some reason) would place a coin in a 2X2 on top of another the bulged out end of the staple can break through the plastic of the one under it and scratch bottom the coin - not as uncommon an occurence as you would think. </p><p>Either this or get a flat-clinch stapler.</p>

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