Picture of How To String 6 Diamond Mesh
This pocket demonstrates how to string 6 diamond mesh. 6 diamond is a great alternative to standard mesh, and is the most commonly used "monster mesh" in lacrosse. However, I would recommend this more towards a defenseman or a box lacrosse player, which is what I use 6 diamond for. Check this video out to see some tips from the best in the biz, Greg from East Coast Dyes. 
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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Picture of Gather Supplies
1 piece of 6 diamond mesh. 2 sidewall strings, about twice the length of your head 1 top string just a little smaller 1 bottom string How ever many shooting strings you prefer

Step 2: The Mesh

Picture of The Mesh
Stretch the mesh. I usually soak it in water as well

Step 3: Fold The Mesh

Picture of Fold The Mesh
Find the first 5 diamond row and fold it on the the second 5 diamond row. You can use either side of the mesh but I prefer the side that is more rough feeling for extra hold.

Step 4: Topstring

Picture of Topstring
Go up through the plastic and then continue up through the mesh. Loop backaround the sidewall hole and through the mesh.

Step 5: Topstring

Picture of Topstring
Pull it tight

Step 6:

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Go through the plastic then the mesh. 

Step 7:

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Then go up through the mesh then the plastic and down through the loop you created. 

Step 8:

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Finished Product. 

Step 9:

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Repeat, doing one loop in one mesh hole, then the adjacent mesh hole. 

Step 10: Sidewall

Picture of Sidewall
Start by Pulling the string through Plastic then Mesh. 

Step 11:

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Skip a hole, go through the plastic then the mesh and pull back through the loop you created. Repeat down the next three sidewall holes. 

Step 12:

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Step 13:

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Next, we will create the pocket. Go up through the mesh WITHOUT going in the plastic first. Then do a regular interlock as shown above. What this does is bunches the mesh up but it won't make the pocket too baggy. This step is crucial, some people do regular singles or double ups, not covered in this tutorial, but I believe they make the pocket far too baggy and undefined. 

Step 14:

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