Well as always necessity is the mother of invention and since my schools dress code got even more conformist i needed to come up with new ways to break it. And it seams like the perfect time to do this since the belt reuse contest is started so time to kill two birds with one stone.

Note: no birds were harmed in the making of this instructible.

Step 1: Materials

Ok well  this is pretty strait forward as far as making it all you need.
old studded belt (plain would work but i already had a vegan (non-leather) neon green studded belt)
fastener (i plan on just holding it together with a nut and a bolt for a cooler look)
leather hole punch or large nail to make holes
music (i went with don't you fake it (deluxe edition) by red jumpsuit apparatus)
Also would not hurt to have a tape measure or an old bracelet to size the new one off of

If you started with a plain belt you'll also need studs, i get all of mine at studsandspikes.com

Love the tutorial!! feeling the strict codes along with you... Love he creativity! Anyone who dresses with that much style is automatically my friend!
you look sad. you can be non-conformist and still be happy, you know!
nice ible and i never thot of using nuts and bolts for fasteners, but also yes fight the power :P id suggest going through the school manual for loopholes sometime, or just find somthing the school hasnt thot of yet

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