Poor Man's Way of Cooling a Power Supply





Introduction: Poor Man's Way of Cooling a Power Supply

I connected 2 heatsinks that I had to a power supply that gets really hot. This works really well, but it's kind of weird...



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i read somewhere that toothpaste work pretty well as the goop they use to thermally connect the sinks to electronics, might be worth a shot to increase the heat dissipation:)

Thanks for the tip, But toothpaste would last only a couple hours because it would dry and then stop conducting, But right now what I have is good enough, If I ever find that this isn't good enough I'll probably just replace the power supply...

no not as a evaporation coolant, more like solder. there are gaps(however small) between the heat sink and the components, the paste helps transfer the heat to the sink. by conduction, not evaporation.

Are you thinking to melt solder onto the heatsink, Let it cool down, then attach the power supply?

haha no i mean that the toothpast would act like solder, by transfering the heat by conduction into the heatsink, wich loses its heat by radiation: http://www.spaceflight.esa.int/impress/text/educat...

still air is a pretty good insulator(the airpockets between your component and heatsink) the thermal paste used in between a component and a heatsink helps remove this insulation.