Introduction: How to Style: Twilight Sparkle

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Me again! Today I show u how to style Twilight Sparkle! Instead of this, go watch derpyderp10 's video on it, cause that's how I'm going to do this!

Step 1: Shiny Hair

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If you have seen my first instrustable, or derpyderp's video, you will know how to do this step.

Step 2: Smoothing Out the Mane

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Now you need to smooth out the mane. Now it's time for the next step.

Step 3: Parting the Hair

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Now you part the hair as shown. Then hold it in with a rubber band. Heh heh, rubber band.

Step 4: Putting It in Place

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Then you put the hair near the front of the pony around the horn as shown. Then do all that other stuff. Don't forget to twist it like I did!

Step 5: Then Your Done!

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Then your done! You can then curl it a bit, fix the placing of the hair, and maybe a put a little purple pony princess crown on her :)


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It was a very short time

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I have made a mistake. It's derpyderp910 not derpyderp10

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