Picture of How To Survive Your First Night on Minecraft
Okay, you just got a copy of minecraft a few minutes ago and make a new world. When you get on you always seem to die alot. So this is just me trying to help you fix that.

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Some Materials

Picture of Step 1: Gather Some Materials
After the world is generated, do some exploring. The first thing that you'll need is wood so chop down around 3 trees and you'll get maybe 11 blocks of wood. Then in your inventory convert all of the wood blocks into wooden planks in the little crafting area. While your walking around collect anything that may be of use, for example cacti for a home protection system of some sort.

Step 2: Step 2: Food and Shelter

With the wooden planks that you just crafted you have to build a shelter to protect yourselves from the creepers. Really if you happened to miss step 1 then you can dig a hole and bury yourself alive. If it is Night time now then go into your house and wait the night out. If it is currentley day time then go around the general area of your new home for some animals for food (pigs,e cows and chickens). and if you want to cook your food just make a furnace and cook it up with wood as fuel.

Step 3: Step 3: Tools

Picture of Step 3: Tools
Now you need to make your basic wooden tools: a wooden pickaxe, axe, and shovel so that you can cut down trees, mine, and dig stuff.

Step 4: Now You're Ready!

Now is the time to Fight Back, Mine some Diamonds and play some Hardcore Minecraft!
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mcdonaldr11 months ago
cool,but I'm not very good with remembering stuff, you should tell all the items on the crafting table so you don't forget them!
Go to
chasewiss1 year ago
Great advice
Bobey1 year ago
How is it possible to have that many houses in the last pic
jrusso2 (author)  Bobey1 year ago
I really don't know how I managed to fit them, when i designed the place though, I wanted it to be crowded and full of color.
Anidion1 year ago
Lol, Step 3: Gather tools (Crafting a wooden pick) Step 2: Huge Structures and diamond everthings ;P