This is an Instructable depicting how I make my cardboard gun props. Anyone can alter the design I use, such as a different trigger mech, different magazine catch, or different bolt design. It doesn't matter. I just hope that everyone who views this enjoys the gun that I have made as much as I enjoy Instructables :D
The gun I make in this Instructable is a TEC DC9, which is a sub machine gun. I feel this is one of the best guns I have made. It is also very sturdy and stiff.
Ratings and comments are appreciated!

Other guns: https://www.instructables.com/id/My_Arsenal_Check_out_my_Famas/?comments=all#CUU2PHUFOVWMYFY
AA-12 Shotgun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Puk4jMOlggc

Video of gun:

No sound on the video because all music I own is bought from an artist or band, so I can't put music in my video without it being copyright.

Step 1: Materials

Ah, yes. So first off you will need a work area. I just have a plastic table in my room with a cutting mat. Perfect. I also had a television to keep from getting bored. Make sure you have a bunch of cardboard depending on the gun you make. Also, a trashcan is good for throwing away scraps.

You will also need a bunch of tools and materials. In this Instructable, all instructions will be on the pictures. This makes it easier for me to post and give more detail about what to do.

Now excuse me, I must defeat Bowser on my Paper Mario emulator.

Step 2: Making a Handle

I like to start out with the handle first. Makes things easier.

Use proportions to find out what the difference is between the pic and real gun are. Easiest way to do this is to find the real length of the gun and then measure the pic's gun length. My proportion ended up being a 1:1.3414 ratio. Then, if the handle on the pic was 2 cm, then I would multiply 2x1.3414=2.628. Then just round, so it would be 2.6 cm. Not so hard once you do it over and over for all the parts of the gun...

Step 3: Body and Bolt

First image shows the lengths I got for the length of the bolt and gun.
For the bolt system to work on this gun, the bolt must be two thirds the length of the body.

Step 4: Magazine and Catch

The magazine is basically a box. Just leave the top open and curl the edges in.

Step 5: Attaching Lower Gun With Upper Gun

But first, we must install the trigger.

Take the cardboard piece off the bottom of the gun and assemble all lower parts on it. Add a rubberband to the bolt and reassemble.

Step 6: Barrel and Accessories

Now we finish up the barrel. This took me a while. Be patient. Go ahead and add the sights. Because the barrel has holes in it, we must add the front sight before cutting holes. Go ahead and play with the gun as is. Make sure the bolt slides nicely and cut a hole above the magazine without piercing the inside bolt.

Now we cut the holes for the barrel. This is tedious and annoying. Use what method you want.

Step 7: Lololz

wtf I can't delete

Step 8: Finishing the Gun

First, we have to paper mache, coat it, paint it, touch up, then preferably coat again.

Step 9: Finish!!!

Your finished! Now go make a home movie, rob some guy on the street, play cops and robbers, who cares?! Just have fun with it!

Step 10: Alternate Mag Release

This is an alternate mag release. The brass one would bend when I pushed or pulled the magazine. It had to leave.
the real tec-9 is a piece of crap it jams to often in semi and full atuo fire and a very poor excuse for a firearm but this is an awesome model though
That's Quality Work, there, Mister! =D <br>A note, I found out by accident, Matte black painted objects, with some graphite powder, scraping a soft pencil or graphite bar, will give the object a metallic look, like old steel.
You'll probably want to clear coat it though so that it doesn't smear on your hand when you touch the graphite. And thanks!
That's a good idea, but the matte paint is rugged, it won't smear that much. Experinent a bit, until you get the results you want..
this is really good
My Aunt used to have a full-auto version. Yours looks spot in.
where did you get the pic for the tec9 because I was looking for one and all the ones I found were either too small or at an angle
Here you go! http://world.guns.ru/handguns/hg/usa/intratec-dc-9-e.html
i think the body is 20.9 in and the bolt is 14in
the tec 9 comes in two different lengths depending on the model and it can be either 12.5in or 10.5in
i loved your instructables!!! ;D but you sould do first i primar than the paint, and rub it with a little of baby powder or something like it <br>
I finished it!!! It was pretty hard to make, in my opinion, but this is still an awesome instructable!<br>I didn't paper mache it, though, so it didn't turn out too well.
i failed....<br>no good glue(no glue gun)...<br>stick fell out(i used super glue)...<br>fell apart...<br>D=
how did you bend the card board like that without it makeing lines i started the gun
it depends on the direction you bend it in<br>
Carefully score with a pen cap (dent line across it) then wrap around a tube or something.
I usualy score things with a dull blade
I usually don't have any xD<br />
i made mine(the handle) round, it fits in your hand better and the real ones are too<br>(i dont hav glue like yours, were do you get that???[please dont say america -.-<br>im in australia...)
you could simply use a hot glue gun, that is what i do.
White glue? It's technically &quot;PVA glue&quot; , such as Elmers brand and Modge Podge. Really you could use anything, if you can wood glue is a really strong alternative.
u should cut the holes b4 u glue the barrel on
wats the sizeof the magazine?<br>i heard it was either 10, 20, 32 or 50 rounds...
No idea haha
where can i find the correctly sized image?
world.guns.ru is a great website for many real gun pictures.
its russian, no wonder...
i used packaging tape for the outside then got some hot glue for the inside its pretty good and ducttape for a grip <br>
is this set up for right or left handed people
I made it for right handed.
i didn't know since it looks like the bolt is on the left<br>
You should try and make a Remington 700 PS.<br>Oh and dont rob people
&nbsp;please make an instructable on the other card board guns especially m60 and thompson
&nbsp;also the heavy machine gun
all you have to do is print an image and DIY isnt that what instructables is about?
&nbsp;aktually make instructables for all the guns
Sweet I have mad so far, a GLock 18 out of Foamboard using your method, an a M9 out of foam board and im half way done with a mini Uzi, All of them are for my youtube show, Thanks
sorry but you forgot a fiew details but it&acute;s very nice
&nbsp;great idea. i built a revolver around this plan and it took a while. i couldn't get everything to work right, but it is my first model. lol. do you know if you can put any puzzle sealer like stuff as the paper mache?
Most likely should work.<br />
do we really need all these things like will I need a glue gun or will other glue do coz I'm not American so glue guns are like 20 quid and I don't have like any of the stuff u have there
hey theres a glu gun at argos for &pound;5 iv brought 1 and its good. just 2 let ya know
Hot glue is convenient for gluing together the pieces, but you can use other glues too.
&nbsp;please please please please please please please please please please please
Lol? Post what exactly?<br />
&nbsp;a step by step guide on how to make the other cardboard guns in your videos
&nbsp;an instructable on how to make those exact guns they are very cool&nbsp;
is that an x-acto knife? it looks just like mine
Yup.<br />
I think when I try this I'm gonna use tin foil instead of paper to hopefully make it more metallic