Step 5: Attaching Lower gun with Upper Gun

But first, we must install the trigger.

Take the cardboard piece off the bottom of the gun and assemble all lower parts on it. Add a rubberband to the bolt and reassemble.
bobbubbles4 years ago
i made mine(the handle) round, it fits in your hand better and the real ones are too
(i dont hav glue like yours, were do you get that???[please dont say america -.-
im in australia...)
Kaiven (author)  bobbubbles4 years ago
White glue? It's technically "PVA glue" , such as Elmers brand and Modge Podge. Really you could use anything, if you can wood glue is a really strong alternative.
killer776 years ago
what do you do with the rubber band
Kaiven (author)  killer776 years ago
Look at the next step?
Austin0lsen6 years ago
how to you find the pivot point?
Kaiven (author)  Austin0lsen6 years ago
Just put a pivot point where it would be on a regular gun. Add excess aat the top of the trigger for spring attachment.