Picture of How To Take Apart A Baseball
These are the steps to taking apart a baseball.
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Step 1: Cut The Red Lacing

Picture of Cut The Red Lacing
Cut the red laces around the baseball until the two leather pieces of the baseball are free from the baseball.

Step 2: String

Picture of String
Unroll all of the string until you reach a carpet like material.

Step 3: Outer Layer Of Carpet

Picture of Outer Layer Of Carpet
Unroll the outer, darker and thinker layer of carpet string.

Step 4: Middle Layer

Picture of Middle Layer
Unroll the middle layer of carpet string. It is a lighter mor thin carpet string.

Step 5: Last Layer

Picture of Last Layer
Unroll the last layer of carpet lining. It's Is thinner and a light color. Continue to unroll until you reach the end of your journey. A rubber ball.

Step 6: Inside The Rubber Ball

Picture of Inside The Rubber Ball
If you decide to cut open the rubber ball you notice a smaller ball. It Is a small cork ball.