Introduction: How to Take Care of Your Nails

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Step 1: What You'll Need

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What you'll need: nail polish remover ( if you have nail polish on!.) cotton ball to remove the nail polish a 4 way nail block a nail file and a base coat or nail hardener.

Step 2: Remove!

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Remove the nail polish well you want your nail to be clean (:

Step 3: Scrub!

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Scrub your nails with a nail scrubber (optional)

Step 4: Wash!

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Wash your hands to rinse off the nail polish remover you want to do this because nail polish is made out of alcohol and alcohol dries out your hands.

Step 5: File!

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File your nails I file mine square if I get 10 like I will do a square nail instructable!

Step 6: Smooth....!

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Smooth your nail with the 4 way nail block.

Step 7: Buff

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Buff your nail with the 4 way nail block

Step 8: Shine!!!!!

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After a good buff finish it off with a shine to make it beautiful!!

Step 9: Last !

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Put a nice base coat or nail hardener and your done!! Please try this out to keep your nails healthy!


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