How to Take Photos With Your Computer Monitor




Introduction: How to Take Photos With Your Computer Monitor

Science has proven that you can take photos with your computer monitor by modifying the circuits.

Step 1: Choose Your Monitor

It doesn't matter what monitor you use. I chose the LCD monitor because my laptop has an LCD monitor.

Step 2: Rewire the Monitor

Rewire the monitor so it becomes a camera.

Step 3: Go to the Monitor Camera Website

Now you can take photos with your monitor. Go to to use your new monitor camera.

Step 4: Follow the Three Steps and View Your Image

You have to follow the three steps.

look into camera lens

click take picture button

wait for photo to devolop, then view photo

Take a look at the photo I took using my laptop.



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    old joke is old, and still not funny

    but can you turn a camera into a tiny monitor?

    You can!

    1. Turn on camera.
    1 1/2. Open/remove lens cover.
    2. Look at display
    3. Be amazed! Whatever you're pointing it at will be displayed in the cameras tiny monitor.

    Worked for me without adapting my monitor :D amazing ;)

    By the way, I made this as a joke. The website on does't really take pictures. It just shows a random picture every time.