How to Tame and Ride a Horse in Minecraft





Introduction: How to Tame and Ride a Horse in Minecraft

Hello, today i will show you how to tame and ride horse in minecraft.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:


Horse armour

Step 2: How to Tame the Horse

Feed the horse untill it has hearts coming out of it.

Step 3: How to Mount the Horse

To ride the horse, right click it, then press E then drag the saddle to the saddle slot. If you want your horse to be protected drag the horse armor to the armor slot.

Step 4: How to Ride the Horse

To ride the horse use the WASD keys. To dismount the horse press shift.

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i played minecraft on computer years ago but then switched to xbox so how do i get off

P.S. (Hit it with a diamond sword)

I found if i hit the horse hearts come out of it as well. i cant get on it though.

First you have to feed a couple of apples to the horse and right click it.It may kick you off but keep trying and soon you will tame it.

Sometimes to ride some horses u need a hay bale

guys you have to use your hand empty your hot bar then click ride it will start moving like crazy then an button called open appears get a saddle and armour and click the button put the saddle and armour on and you can control it!!!

Yes, most of you are right. It does not work. I fed the horse about 30 apples, and it started rearing at me. I kept trying, but it did not work. And also, I think that you can only get sugarcubes in a mod.

I am playing in 1.9, but here is a youtube video for how to tame a horse in 1.8:

Thanks, and have fun taming your horse!

Use golden apples you will get it in the first try.

my horse did not have hearts coming out of it what do i do