Introduction: How to Tap Your Phone Line

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This Instructable will teach you how to tap your own phone lines and record every call, which even works with cordless phones.This isn't the cheapest thing in the world to make, but it is awesome.

Step 1: Supplies

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You will need to get a couple thing to do this.

1) Radioshack Recorder Control
2) A Recorder With Rem And Microphone Jacks (plugs)
3) Phone Line Obviously
4) 1-to-3 Jack Adapter If you have More Than One Phone
5) Extra Phone Cord
6) 8-Conductor Inline Coupler

Step 2: Link the Lines Together

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If you have more than one phone in the house, then you are going to need to get a Recoton Dual Modular T-Adapter. You might also need some extra phone cord to do this. If you do need extra cord you will oviously need an 8-Conductor Inline Coupler. Connect the phone cords in such a way, they lead to the main jack you will be using.

Step 3: Plugging in the Phone Lines

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Take all of the phone lines that you are going to use and plug them into your adapter.

Step 4: Plugging the Adapter In

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Now take the adapter with all the phone lines in it, and plug it into the port on the recorder control.

Step 5: Plug the Recorder Control In

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All you have to do is plug the cord coming from the control into the phone jack. While plugging it in, set the switch to record.

Step 6: Plug the REM and Microphone Cords In

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Plug the REM and microphone cords in. They are different sizes, so you should be able to figure out which one's which. The smaller one is the REM cord.

Step 7: Test It Out

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After you are done plugging everything in, and running the wires how you want them, put a tape in and test it out. If you did everything right, the recorder should start recording when you pick up or turn on the phone.

Step 8: Tips

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Here are some tips:

1)Buy a silent tape recorder if you have to buy one. Ask the clerk how loud it is.

2)Hide the tape recorder; put it somewhere it can't be seen.

Hope you enjoyed this, as it was my first instructable.


BlakeD3 (author)2015-11-20

1) Radioshack Recorder Control

They do not make it anymore

bebub2 (author)2011-10-21

Supra112 (author)2010-11-21

A very good guide :) if anyone wants to learn how to tap a mobile/cell phone instead of your home land line check out

Derin (author)2008-10-04

i was tapping my moms phone by accident because the phones were on the same line,and you can add your comments to the conversation!

humoogous (author)2008-09-13

It'd be useful if you are getting prank calls. Thanks!

Yerboogieman (author)2008-08-30

i have three phones in my house but only one requires a phone cord, the others are just on chargers although all the phones are 5.8ghz

TheInventor (author)Yerboogieman2008-08-30

Well there obviously has to be a main base that all of them run off of correct, so use the main line.

Gamernotnerd (author)2008-03-30

Right, "your own" I wouldn't record your phone calls *suspicious laugh* why would you ask that <_<

Mercurio (author)2008-03-13


TheInventor (author)Mercurio2008-03-14

Thanks! I'm going to take more pictures if you don't understand it. My camera wasn't working, therefore, I couldn't take any.

GorillazMiko (author)2008-02-16

Pretty good job, but you should get more pictures. But still, an awesome job.

TheInventor (author)GorillazMiko2008-02-16

Thanks! I'm trying to make one for cell phones as we speak.

Coffee bean (author)2008-02-15

DONT GIVE MY PARENTS IDEAS!!!!! the all ready have e specator

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