How to Tell People You're Expecting a Baby





Introduction: How to Tell People You're Expecting a Baby

Hi there! In this instructable I'll show you a fun and creative way to tell your friends and family that your expecting a baby. You'll need a camera with a customizable timer and a tripod. First you gather everyone up for a family picture and instead of taking one picture you set the camera to take 10 pictures. You drop the big news after the first picture is taken and the camera will capture everyones reaction. If you decide to break the news this way upload the video and send me the link! I'd love to see how it came out! Let me know if you think of any other fun ways to drop the big news in the comments below.

You Will Need...
Camera with customizable timmer (Canon SX30is for example)

Step 1 : Turn On Camera

Step 2 : Press The Timmer Button

Step 3 : Scroll Down To "Custom"
-The option noted with a "C"

Step 4 : Press The "Menu" Button
-This will allow you to dial in your desired paramters
-Use the navigational dial to set the length of the pasue and number of pictures in the sequence

Step 5 : Press "Function Set" To Save Your Settings

Step 6 : Round Up The Family & Drop The Big News



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    I love this idea! :) Imagine having that in your baby album growing up...