Picture of How To Thread A Paracord Stitching Needle
This Instructable will demonstrate how to attach Paracord to a stitching needle. This may seem like an unnecessary Instructable at first, but I deemed it necessary because I did not figure it out immediately.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
All you need to do this is a Paracord stitching needle, some Paracord, a lighter, scissors, and a rag.

Step 2: Prepare The Cord

Picture of Prepare The Cord
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14, 3:54 PM.jpg
14, 3:54 PM.jpg
Cut the cord to length, burn it, and take your rag and pull it over the burnt end. This will prevent the typical bulbous end.

Step 3: Thread The Needle

Picture of Thread The Needle
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Your stitching needle should be threaded. Now that we have our Paracord prepared (the rag made it skinny on the end so it will fit in the needle); we can essentially screw it in to the back of the needle. Push your Paracord in and twist the needle in the direction that it is threaded.

Step 4: Done!

Picture of Done!
Now that you know how to thread your Paracord stitching needle, you are ready for things like the turks head knot and weaving!