How to Throw Hard Checks in Hockey




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Introduction: How to Throw Hard Checks in Hockey

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How to hit players hard in ice hockey

Step 1: Get in Position

If your trying to keep an opponent in the zone force them either into the corner or behind the net

Step 2: Count Your Strides

If you take more than three strides before contact it will be a charging call if you hit from behind it will be a hitting from behind call

Step 3: Position Your Body

Try to hit them with your shoulders to knock them off the boards

Step 4: The Puck

If they lost the puck from the hit take it get back in front of the net and shoot or pass



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    need some more images of Doughty puttin fools into boards..Go KINGS!!! My apologies great article and thanks for the great read..keep em about a couple for the new hockey viewers..go into icing, and offsides. .

    Please follow me for more hockey instructables