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This knot will work on a rectangular shaped rod too. I chose to do it on a 1/2 inch thick steel throwing spike I made. A clove hitch is a great knot, it's a required Boy Scout knot and it the base for many lashings. Sorry about the shadows.

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You could use any type of string but I'm using a scrap piece of paracord. First you take the string and drape it over the object

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You'll then need to bring the one end of the string back under the object

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You then take the end of the string you brought back to you over the other string and make them cross.(The photos explain it better)

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You now need touring the end if the string so both lines are the same direction

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You then bring the end that you've been moving through the center of it

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Then pull it tight and your done! Feel free to comment and/or follow me.


vk1694 (author)2015-04-11

It looks almost like the constrictor knot. Is it the same knot, but just a different name?

donttrustthepig (author)2014-03-03


alexmac131 (author)2014-03-01

very nice

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