For this the only fly tying materials you will need are hackle feathers, a vice, a hook, and head cement. You can even substitute the head cement with clear nail polish. Sorry for the photo quality, it was taken with an iPod camera.

Step 1: Gather These Supplies

Pipe cleaner, a small streamer hook, a fuzzy craft feather, a small bead, head cement, hackle feathers, and sewing thread.

Step 2: Starting the Fly

Slide the bead onto the hook. Secure with thread and tie on the a clump of the fuzzy feather. (called marabou)

Step 3: Pipe Cleaner Time

Tie in the pipe cleaner securely. You may have to cut some of the fuzz off to make it proportional.

Step 4: Hackles!

Tie the hackle in beside the pipe cleaner. Wrap the thread up to the front of the fly. This is important.

Step 5: More Pipe Cleaner

Evenly wrap the pipe cleaner to the front of the fly. Secure it and cut it off.

Step 6: Palmer It.

Palmer the hackle forward and tie it off. (Look it up if you don't know what palmer means)

Step 7: Snip Snip

If you used too big of a hackle feather like me, clip it to size.

Step 8: Good Job

Tie it off and put some head cement on the wraps. Cut off the thread. Tell your friends how good you are at fly tying.
<p>I have tied many flies for the 1 year that I have tied and I have never seen anyone use pipe cleaner as a body. I am not saying it is a bad thing, it adds weight which is needed in this fly. Very creative and genious of you to do that. Keep on tying flies! </p><p>; ) *life is full of flies</p>
Awesome! Thanks for posting!
<p>Thank you for posting, this is great</p>
this is awesome! I'm just getting into fly tying, and I think I'll make this

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