These are some cool ways to do up your shoe laces. They are pretty easy to do. Just follow the pictures. I don't have the ability to put a video please still accept!

Step 1: Ladder

With this one you keep looping it through each other for a awesome look. It's good for a skater shoe.

Step 2: Double Back

This is as it seems. It keeps doubling back. Do it to the top and take them across and tie it.

Step 3: Saw Tooth

Each goes across and diagonal over and over to the top.

Step 4: Twistie

This one is harder. Twist in the middle.

Step 5: Zipper

It can get messy. Keep track of each one as they cross each other.

Step 6: Hidden Knot

The classic look of a skater shoe but with a knot.

Step 7: Loop Back

Not to be confused with the double back. They twist together at the middle.

Step 8: Display

As used in mast shoes, the display explains itself. Its to look good.

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Hey. I'm going to leave this one out of the contest and start over on a different one. Please still accept the other one. It will be all my photos, not the blue background ones.
K. I added photos and text. It's only a few photos.

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