Introduction: How to Tie an Elk Hair Caddis

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The elk hair caddis is a classic and easy to tie dry fly.

Step 1: Gather These Materials

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You will need elk body hair, hackle feathers, thread, dubbin, head cement, and a hook.

Step 2: The Start

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Wrap the hook evenly in thread.

Step 3: Tie in the Hackle

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Strip the base of the feather and tie it in.

Step 4: Dubbin

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Roll a dubbin noodle on your thread.

Step 5: Dubbin Part 2

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Evenly wrap the hook with the dubbin.

Step 6: Palmer

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Palmer the hackle forward and tie it off. Clip off any extra.

Step 7: Elk Hair

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Cut a proportional clump of hair and line up the tips just past the eye of the hook. Wrap the clump where shown twice and then tighten it, to insure that it is secure. Then wrap it several more times. Tie off the fly and add a few drops of head cement. Cut the thread and tell your friends how good you are at fly tying.


tetra28 (author)2014-07-11

But if it sits lower in the water, it will look crippled.

tetra28 (author)2014-07-11


Jobar007 (author)2014-07-11

Personally, I prefer less dubbing and more elk hair. Dubbing (unless selected to specifically combat this) absorbs water and weighs down your dry fly. Elk hair helps it to float (since it is hollow). Then again, I like to skate my caddis so I need one that is super buoyant so it won't slip beneath the surface while skating... unless I'm trying to do so. Then I just pinch off some elk hair and don't apply floatant.

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