How to Tie Your Shoe




Introduction: How to Tie Your Shoe

Step 1:

Hey there! U don't know how to tie your shoe? Them watch this simple instructable.

Step 2:

First, make an x with your laces.

Step 3:

Now keep the x but take the right string and tuck in under ad seen in the picture. You will have an x with a "knot" in the middle. Now pull!i really hoped this helped

Step 4:

Now with the left string make one "bunny ear",

Step 5:

Witht he right string, wrap it around the bunny ear loosely but not all the way, and in the 2 picture you'll see me putting thoroughly the hole where my index finger was and pulling it to make the second "bunny ear".

Step 6:

Thank you:) enjoy



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    Yah. I was looking for other colors but couldn't find any:(

    When showing how to tie knots like this, sometimes it helps the viewer if you use 2 different colored ropes/laces

    Sorry about some bad angles:(