How to Tie a Tie!





Introduction: How to Tie a Tie!

another way to do



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    Nice video, but this method has been posted on here before!

    And the other one might have had a better explanation, and neither one saves you any time because of the set-up and the actual getting the tie around your neck and under your collar. But in any case I'd much rather watch Giannyl doing it. Plus, while Giannyl seems to be all over the Internet, she is new here so I'm willing to cut her some slack while she gets the hang of this. There are no rules against submitting Instructables the perform the same function, although one should refrain from copying the exact Instructable and reposting it with your name. Look at the entries for the contests. Many of them are very similar.

    thanks dchall8!

    Giannyl you are a breath of fresh air on this website. I can see a fan club starting. And GroillazMiko: DUDE! you need to learn to tie a tie. Some day you will have to dress for an important occasion (college or job interview, wedding, funeral, big business deal, a date, office Christmas party, etc.). A clip on will not do. Trust me. The people you really want to impress do notice. As a matter of fact, you will want to learn several ways to tie a tie because some day, you will enter a group where they all tie theirs the other way and again, you will be noticed. I don't even know where to buy a clip on??? I bet Giannyl notices.

    I like the clip ons, but this is cool. :-)