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Introduction: How to Treat Acne

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As an acne sufferer myself I have tried pretty much every product on the market to combat my spots once and for all.

If, like me, you can't afford light therapy or micradermabrasion then this is the one for you. It'll be the easiest change to your skin regime.

Below is a pic of me to show that it really does work. No airbrushing or anything!

Step 1: 1. Remove Make-Up

Use a special water-proof make-up remover to do this.

Try not to rub the skin or eyes rigorously. This will cause irritation which can leave you with even more problems.

To remove stubborn mascara or eye liner, soak some cotton pads in warm water with a dash of cleanser and press over the eyes for a few minutes. The heat will help to lift the make-up.

Step 2: 2. Cleanse

Fill your sink with some hot water. If you want you can add a couple of drops of an astringent essential oil such as lavender, tea tree or witch hazel. Make sure you do a patch test first if you're not sure if you are allergic.

Soak a clean square of muslin or a face cloth in the water then ring out.

Hold the cloth over your face and neck for a few minutes. If the cloth cools you can always dip it in the water again to reheat it.

The heat causes the pores to open up a little so that you can remove any hidden dirt.

Step 3: 3. Anti-bacterial Wash

Use a good pore-cleaning bacterial wash such as Clearasil's Deep Cleansing 3 in 1 wash. This product will not break the bank and comes in a sensitive range too.

You may wish to exfoliate at this point. You shouldn't do this any more than once a week if you suffer from acne. The less irritation to the skin the better.

If you suffer severely from allergies you could try soaking some porridge oats, draining and using the leftover liquid to wash your face. Other good natural cleansers include yoghurt and nut milk such as almond or coconut.

Close your pores with a little rinse of cool water.

Pat your face and neck dry after your final rinse. Do not rub with the towel.

Step 4: 4. Tone

You could use Simple's facial toner:

I find that using a spritzer to apply my toner is better than using cotton pads. You've already rubbed your skin during the cleansing stages so give your face a rest with a spray.

A pricier option would be MAC's Fix+. I've never used this product before but I've heard plenty of recommendations.

Step 5: 5. Moisturise

The big secret to my clear skin is in this step.

I use oil to moisturise. When you have oily skin and blemishes, oil may seem like the last thing you want to put on your face. But believe me, this is the holy grail to acne sufferers. It also evens out skin tone and helps reduce scarring.

When I can afford it, I use Dr. Hauschka's Normalising Day Oil:

When money is tight I tend to use macadamia nut oil. You should be able to pick this up at any supermarket.

It really is that simple. Use it lightly and let it soak in fully before putting on make-up or smother yourself in it completely before you go to bed. You'll see an improvement in the morning.

Step 6: 6. Helpful Tips

If you can afford to, stock up on Dr. Hauschka products. Their bio-organic cosmetics are wonderful. They smell great, feel great and make you look great. Not tested on animals and environmentally friendly. This is the way to go.

Get outside and enjoy the sun. The sun helps produce vitamin D which is vital for a healthy complexion. Just make sure you wear at least SPF 30.

Swap your old pillowcase for a satin pillowcase. Not only will it tart up your bedroom but it'll cause less irritation to the skin.

Don't overwash. It only makes things worse. If you wash away your natural oil (sebum) your skin will try to make more and more which will clog pores and cause spots.

Eat a healthy diet. Although I'm sceptical whether certain food cause spots other foods definitely help. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and in a wide variety.

Hydrate the skin by drinking plenty of water. Drink at least 2 litres a day.

Consult your GP and discuss whether taking Dianette is suitable for you. Originally manufactured to treat hirsutism and acne, it is also a contraceptive pill.



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    This is good stuff, apart from step 6 tip 6: You cannot hydrate skin by drinking plenty of water. Most body mass being water anyway, drinking more isn't going to make you any wetter - it goes through you. L

    10 replies

    I actually watched a programme about this, Lemonie and they confirmed that drinking extra clear fluid doesn't actually have an effect on your skin so I guess you're right. =)

    (Wow, that's getting to nearly 2 years old)
    The other thing is that skin is very fatty, that's why losing moisture through skin happens through sweating.
    Moisturisers are lipophilic.


    Well if you're dehydrated, like most people are, you're skin will show it eventually if not right away. Its not about "wetter" its about "Sufficently wet" lol

    Hi Lemonie. Yes, it's true that only one study has ever shown that drinking water hydrates the skin but I suppose suggesting that you drink the recommended daily amount of water will never go amiss. I don't pretend to be a dermatologist so I can only speak from personal experience. But my skin has never been as beautiful as when I was taking in 5 litres a day. (I don't tend to recommend this amount unless you're living in the climate I was at the time. Too much water can damage the kidneys!)

    I would agree that personal experience is at least as good as the advice of a dermatologist - it works doesn't it. Where were you living when you were swilling 5L a day? L

    I was living in a little town in Italy called Forli. It was bloody hot! I didn't use public transport either so I walked pretty much everywhere. It was no wonder I was taking in so much water!

    That'd be a perk of studying modern languages I guess? Google Maps is taking forever to load up, but I can see a bit of blue - Forli is near the sea? L

    Yep, you've hit the nail on the head. I was studying over there for 5 months. Yeah, it's kinda close to the Adriatic coast.

    What was it like, besides being hot?

    Well the place I was living was pretty quiet. There were plenty of students around but as soon as the semester finished it was a really sleepy town.

    A little goes a long way. Mine would last me a good 3 months or so.

    Just cutt off your acne :)

    Washing your face is part of the cycle of acne, but if people keep pushing it, the masses will never know.  The more you touch your face, the worse it will be.  Anything that is supposed to help you is a LIE.  The more unnatural products you apply to your face, the deeper the hole you dig.  Number 1 - your quality of water.  Desert water straight from the rock- that will dry and clear your face in days.  If you live where the water comes from the ground and is a desert environment, you are in good hands.  People living in cities where the water is laced with more chemicals than you can imagine, should be worried.  Number 2 - every skin is different.  Techniques for one hardly work for another.  3 - if you are a man and have facial hair, your techniques need to be ten times more precise.  4 - nature is your friend.  5 - bacteria naturally exists on your skin, so every unnatural technique you use, the more possibilities for irritation.  6 - ph balance, natural skin shedding, and even saturation of sugars in the blood come into play 6 - you need to manage the infections when they occur 7 - healing is important....there are so many things to explain, but you get the idea.

    Just saying, I'm all for piercings. As long as they aren't crazy. Yours are fine. I find them quite nice.

    Thanks, this method works well. I use olive oil to's cheap, available, and is proven to have beneficial effects.

    Sorry if what I'm saying doesn't have nothing to do with the post subject, but..... WOW, you're veeeeeeeeeeeery pretty. I would even say... awesome. ;D

    I think you really suit you piercings. In my not so humble opinion they add to your beauty they don't subtract from it =)

    1 reply