Picture of How To Treat/get Rid Of Acne!

Step 1: Face Wash!!

Picture of Face Wash!!
This is probably the most important step. A good face wash is the base of everything, if that makes sense. A acne treating face wash is probably the best, for example a face was should probably have benzoyl peroxide, or what I like to use , tea-tree oil
ashleykaat (author) 2 years ago
Epiduo and Aczone you have to go to a dermatologist for so their pretty strong, and most people I ask about Epiduo say it works fast.
piks2 years ago
For severe acne, don't mess about, see your doctor for a course of antibiotics.
ashleykaat (author) 2 years ago
:D well I didn't know that! Thank you for sharing ;D
blkhawk2 years ago
Substituting sugared drinks for water also does wonders for someone's skin and overall health. Water helps metabolize fats and it is essential in helping the body to get rid of toxins.