How To: TrollFace's Magical 'PooF' Powder!!

video How To: TrollFace's Magical 'PooF' Powder!!
Potassium Chlorate From Bleach: (http://youtu.be/WEe_8hsc0f8)

  Hey Youtubers, I am making this video on My "Magical PooF Powder" It consist of 1 Parts Fine (Not Ultra Fine...) Dark Aluminium Powder Combined With 2 Parts Potassium Chlorate...

  Their is A good reason it is called "PooF Powder" because it is gone in a "PooF!!"

  This stuff is not recommend to be attempted at home, Unless you know exactly what you are doing... And if you do try it at home, know That it is at your own Risk...

 Also these 2 ingredients should never be stored once mixed together...

  Hope you Enjoy!!