Introduction: How To: Trollface's Blink Powder

I will show you how to make my special, and Aptly named "Blink Powder," it is comprised of 2 parts Potassium Chlorate too 1 Part Trollface's Dark Aluminium Powder... (See Link for how to make both of these below)
Do not store this powder for long term for it is sensitive, It can, and often is used in Pyrotechnics, but only make this stuff if you know what you are doing...

I hold no responsibility for your actions...

Be safe!! Be smart!! and have fun!!

TrollFace's Dark Aluminium Powder ( Potassium Chlorate from Bleach (


rimar2000 (author)2014-05-17

Potassium Nitrate works too?

It would, just won't be as fast as Potassium Chlorate.