Introduction: How to Tune a Drum Head Properly

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If you want to tune your drum head but it does not sound the was you want, follow these steps

Step 1: Take Your Skin Off Completely.

Just take off your skin in this step.

Step 2: Finger Tighten It

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Tighten the head the tightest you can using only your fingers. This will give you a roughly even tighten on all sides.

Step 3: Start the Tightening

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Start tightening in the pattern as shown in the photos

Step 4: Polish Up

When you have a good tighten on your drum, remember to polish up for a good sounding drum. For a tight sound, tighten it tighter than usual. For a dark sounding drum, tighten it but not as tight. (If you really want a dark drum, I can suggest 2 ply heads)


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