How to Turn Candle Pillars Into Candy Jars





Introduction: How to Turn Candle Pillars Into Candy Jars

Step 1: Garage Sale Gem Items

I found vases and candle pillars at a garage sale. Less than 1$ a piece! Spray paint them any color you like then let dry

Step 2: Find the Perfect Jar

I used an old pickle jar and candle jar. If you use the pickle jar use rubbing alcohol to help with removing label. If you use an old jar candle and lid, place the candle in freezer to help it pop out cleanly. I also just scrubbed with dish soap and sponge to remove any black residue. For the lids I also spray painted and do so when you are in the painting process. For pickle jar I also have a lamp that wasn't using and the top piece that screws on and holds on the shade, I used that just to jazz it up a bit!! You can also use mason jars or anything you can find just be creative!!

Step 3: Spray Glue and Hot Glue Gun

After you let the candle holders and lids DRY.Lightly dust the areas you want bedazzled with spray adhesive. I used silver glitter! This spray glue messy so I would wear gloves cause it's STICKY! I just bedazzled the lids and lamp screw. I used a hot glue gun to adhere the lamp screw and jars to the pillars. You can kind of see the crease of glue around the base of jar. Easy fix is a ribbon, you can hot glue a ribbon to go around base to hide the seal. I'm using a silver glittery ribbon!



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    Yes! I will do thank you!! I'm using them for my daughters bday party!! Will take more pictures for you guys!!

    This is something I could actually make :)

    Could you include a photo of the jars with candy in them? Maybe use it as you main image- Just a suggestion