How to Turn Ice-cream Stick Into Key





Introduction: How to Turn Ice-cream Stick Into Key

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Let me show you how to turn an ice-cream stick into a key, it really works, I show you how.

This instruction comes with video

Step 1: Here Are All the Tool You Will Need

Ruler, glue, scissors, paper, key, pencil, ice-cream and small piece of paper

Step 2: Rub the Pencil

Put the Key inside and rub the pencil on the paper

Step 3: Until You Can See the Structure

until you can see the structure

Step 4: Cut the Template

Cut the template out

Step 5: Here Are the 2 Template

here are the 2 template, front and back

Step 6: Glue It

glue the template on the stick for both side

Step 7: Making Hole

use a sharp tool to pressure some hole on it

Step 8: Completed

Here is your new ice-cream stick key....let see my video

Step 9: I Show You How

Let see the video



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    I don't know but the last time my house was broken into they go over 8,000 worth of my stuff, including two computers and the tv. The time before they got the tv, one computer and the microwave. Both times in during the day, so I guess that people don't think it is uncommon for people to carry things out of houses and into what they are driving. The third time I was home when they tried to kick in the back door, I surprised them and the four teenagers ran like hell, to their suburban and took off.

    1 reply

    theft always happens mostly during the day.

    you can use a old trowaway camera for a door-knop shocker

    also watch hacking the system on natgeo, they have some good tips on home security

    u burn the ice stick

    So this is for some sort of lock they stopped making sometime in the 17th century, or what? This sort of lock doesn't exist in the United States.

    9 replies

    It's a Chinese lock. I have one on my door, only more shiny and new. It doesn't have the wheel, though. The lock is very good, as it has 2 deadbolts, and another lock at the top.

    thats a hell of a lot of security!

    sum1s paranoid....

    Hey, you never know when someone's gonna steal your 52 inch LCD HD TV. ;)

    lol but i would just replace the door for a heavier 1 and add 2 or 3 not 4 or 5

    Well since I posted this comment Ive changed my door :\
    still, 2 deadbolts can't hurt

    its fine that was so far back i dont even remember what i was talking about :D

    What are people gonna think when they see a man runing down the street with a 52" Tv in their arms? :P

    my dad's workplace has locks with those kind of keys. You are partially right though. they are very uncommon in the U.S. I never saw one until my dad got his current job.

    whats happens if the ice stick  brokes inside of the door?....

    you do realize that you can go to Homedepot or Walmart and get keys made very cheap

    Is it possible to make a bump key from a popsicle stick or something?

    1 reply

    lol i wonder what it would be like trying to explain to the lock smith what happened if it broke

    I lost my normal house key and I couldn't find hidden one outside door and I had 1 stick and some one scared me and it broke D: and I found the hidden one after 6 hours of looking :D and I finely got in