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Back again with another dog costume instructable! This time i'm making a corn cob costume for Jersey! I'll be posting a few more doggie costumes this month on my DIY pet blog Bloggie Stylish. I'm entering this costume in the Halloween contest, so if you like this 'ible, please vote! I'm coveting that sewing machine!!!

The only regret that I have with making this costume is that I didn't use interfacing on the back of the leaves to make them stiffer. Interfacing is pretty cheap and you can get fusible stuff that sticks to the fabric with some ironing.

FYI - Like any piece of dog clothing, supervise your dog when it is wearing this costume. Before you go out on Halloween with your dog, practice wearing the costume and walking with it on. That way you'll BOTH have a fun Halloween!

Step 1: Tools And Supplies

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This costume was a little more pricey than the last costume I did with the grapes , everything cost about $25. You'll need craft foam balls, yellow spray paint, velcro, spray adhesive (heavy duty), an exacto knife, a marking pen, pinking shears (the ones that cut zig zags, and yellow and green broadcloth.
holymoses1 month ago

Be aware of asian carnivores!

rmiller9991 year ago
Thanks so much for this great tutorial. I made one for my dog this weekend and I am sure she will win the costume contest.
mounces2 years ago
I think it would be easier using a low to medium heat glue gun to attach the "corn" kernels to the fabric. Even a high-heat gun, if you put the glue on the fabric and then stick the corn to it. Quick and easy, and the higher heat glue would actually soak into the fabric some, making it adhere better. That said, I would hope the glue would actually penetrate the foam, as well, without melting too much! SUCH a great costume idea, and the pun is priceless!! LOVE IT!!
Doggie Stylish (author)  mounces2 years ago
Thanks & good idea on the glue gun. I just didn't have one when I made this costume
mtinker5 years ago
 I don't know... Don't you think this is a little corny!
OT4 mtinker3 years ago
carpfluff4 years ago
awesome. I would make this for my dog, but he might eat it.
muramasa5 years ago
Great instructable! I can just imagine Jersey thinking "oh noes not another costume":)
cupcake8115 years ago
That's really cute!
 I laughed out loud when I saw this. So punny! 
Doggie Stylish (author) 5 years ago
jersey is a vizsla
Magic Wade5 years ago
 Is that a dachshund? 
I love it. Very creative!
Doggie Stylish (author) 5 years ago
i don't know why i'm making all these food costumes for my dog, but it's darn cute, isn't it? for some reason i can't reply to previously posted comments. caitlinsdad brought up a really good point. make sure that the paint and glue you use are compatable with foam! i'm going to add that to the 'ible later. thanx for all the nice comments! i'm glad to see that most of the users here have a sense of humor!
If you want to have fun, make a "hot dog" costume, you will have the carnivore-PETA-vegan-what-have-you crowd milling about...
 i try to ignore those people as much as i can... lol
Bartboy5 years ago
Your dog is really well behaved!
Lftndbt5 years ago
First grapes now corn!! She is beatutiful!! You have inspired me, to dress my dog up for halloween. My dog looks almost identicle to yours, the grapes I'ble had me in hysterics.

Thanks for posting!
Brumzzz5 years ago
Nice suit, but does your dog like that much? Not to be offensive or something, but if you forced me into a corn suit....=P
Good instructable =).
Lftndbt Brumzzz5 years ago
I have a similar breed of dog, she loves to get dressed up. When I go to put my shirt on and pick it up, she runs and sticks her head in it , so i'll put it on her.  :)
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Too bad the dog's name is not Cobb, then you would have corn on...nevermind.

Do test spray paint and spray adhesive for compatibility with foam.  Some have solvents that melt the foam and you will be left with a sticky mess.
filmsay5 years ago
Did you have dog's consent? haha.

Great job.