Step 4: Sewing The Dorsal Fin To The Body

Sandwich approximately 3/4" the fin between the two pieces of blue foam and sew the pieces of foam together. Use the Zig Zag stitch on your sewing machine since it makes for a better, more stable seam on the foam. Start sewing 1/2" from the edges of the foam since you will have to fit the pieces of foam together.

Since Jersey's measurement was 12", I didn't have to trim the blue foam down. If your dog is smaller that the total length of the craft foam, this is where you make adjustments.
It's a fish FISH Fffffiiiisssshhh
<p>Thank you for your nice instructable.</p><p>Rima</p>
that was good because the costume worked on my cat as well. <br>ps. the picture looks good <br>
is that a red bone coon hound? if it is i have the same dog
&nbsp;Thats cruel I LOVE IT
Man i love all your costumes!<br />
thank-you!<br /> when i whip up another for next halloween, i'll post it. i'm always thinking.
It could be possible to make the tail longer, you know?&nbsp;&nbsp;If your dog has a long tail, you can somehow secure it in the costume's tail.&nbsp; THen, when ever the dog wags it's tail, it looks like the fish is moving it's tail...<br /> <br /> Awesome idea!
Hhmmm, there's something fishy about this ;-&gt;
must be a cat-fish retaliating. - sorry coudlnt help it.&nbsp;
Cute costume!&nbsp; Though I'm not sure it's turning your dog into a fish; more like your dog is being eaten by a fish!<br />

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