Introduction: How to Use BitTorrent

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This instructable will teach you everything from downloading a torrent to finishing it.

PS: Most likely i am younger than you and this is my first Instructable so go easy on the comments

-Thanks! JacobPB

Step 1: Things You Need

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1.A working computer...DUH
2. BitTorrent App
3. Enough disk space for a download.( Most are pretty big )
4. A disk capable for holding over 700MB depending on your file.

BitTorrent Download:

Step 2: Get a File!

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First thing after you download the BitTorrent Application, go to either the BitTorrent site but i would recommend and get a media , game, video, or other file.

Step 3: USE IT!!!

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Now once the download has finished open it in BitTorrent !

Step 4: Wait!!!!

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Once you have the BitTorrent App open with your file in the Queue you have to wait....and wait.....and wait until the download is over

PS:It might take a while

Step 5: Finish It!!

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Now it should say something like "SEEDING" that is something that is nice to do for other people but gets annoying for you so just highlight the file then right click and click "Stop"

Step 6: Your All Set!!!

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If you want you can burn it to a disk but your all set. To create more space delete the file once you have burned it.

Step 7: Links to Sites That Help(Thx Comments!)

The Pirate



Snarf It! (currently offline finding a new home)

There You Go All The Sites You Need


Ali_Athar (author)2009-06-24

Wow! You're telling people to leech stuff, the very element that DESTROYS torrents.

tinkerC (author)Ali_Athar2009-07-13

That is stupid. Include a torrent warning, that some sites will stop serving your IP address if you leech.

Alternater (author)2009-03-25

Come on don't make a instructable on how to leach... by the way you should have listed other torrent sites; btjunkie, isohunt.

JacobPB (author)Alternater2009-03-28

Oh your probably right I will remember to do that next time. I will edit.

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