How to Use Lighting, Audio, and Monitors in a Puppet Video





Introduction: How to Use Lighting, Audio, and Monitors in a Puppet Video

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Do you want to make great puppet videos, but are troubled with muddy lighting, swampy audio, puppets that stare off into nowhere, and a limited budget? In this short video, we'll show you some simple tools and techniques that can help transform your videos into pure puppet gold!

In this video we cover basic lighting, simple audio capture techniques, and an introduction to puppetry with monitors.



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    This is really well done and entertaining! Where can I get an Uncle Frank???

    Uncle Frank was made as a OOAK, but we'd be happy to help you make something similar! Email us at

    This the "best Instructional" video production to explain all of the three subjects mentioned that I have ever scene. If there were Emmy's in instruction for video production in Puppetry, this would be the sure winner. The script, video sequencing, and production integrity are all superb. Wow! Well done!

    Thanks so much for your kind words! We're blushing behind our keyboards.

    Could'a used this in my own entry! Thanks!

    This is pure genius.