How To Use PicsArt To Make Cool Instructable Covers

Picture of How To Use PicsArt To Make Cool Instructable Covers
There is a really cool free app called PicsArt that you can use to make cool covers for your instructables. I am not affiliated with them, but i did think it was worth recommending. It works on iphone and android. No copyright infringement intended... Just a cool app.
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Step 1: App Store

Picture of App Store
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Go to the app store

Step 2: Search PicsArt

Picture of Search PicsArt
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Type PicsArt into the search bar. Click the first app. Download it for free.

Step 3: Open

Picture of Open
Wait for the app to load and then open it.

Step 4: Main Menu

Picture of Main Menu
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On the main menu, click "photo."

Step 5: Gallery

Picture of Gallery
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Click on "gallery" and choose a picture. It will show up on a board.

Step 6: Add Text

Picture of Add Text
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To add text click the "add" button then the "text" (A) button.

Step 7: Word

Picture of Word
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Type a single word and adjust the font style and colors.

Step 8: Locate

Picture of Locate
Locate the word on the picture and move/scale it. Click the checkmark when done.

Step 9: Crop

Picture of Crop
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If you want you can crop the picture to fit the instructables screen. Click the bottom left button and "crop." Click checkmark when done.

Step 10: Check

Picture of Check
Make shure you like youre picture!

Step 11: Save

Picture of Save
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Click the center top button to save.

Step 12: Done!!!

Picture of Done!!!
You're done!!! Sorry if i was a bit laconic, but it WAS a lot of typing... Enjoy! I made my logo on PicsArt too! No copyright infringement intended!!!