Introduction: How to Use the 27inch IMac Display As a Green Screen

Robert explains how you can accomplish using the iMac 27inch as a green screen.

Download the green wallpaper here: http://canon.robert-smith.n...


flavors23 (author)2010-03-20

When I need more than one at a time, I first export the first green screen, make a new project, import it, and then add another one. Just a tip. :)

hastyhost (author)2010-01-15


Some individuals are not as experience with computers as you and I are, and I'm not the type that leaves people in the dark. All instructables do not have to be extremely advanced to be considered an instructable. 

As for other screens you can use, I'm sure you can use other screens, but this instructable was purely for the iMac to show one use one could use it for. 

Thanks for taking the time to leave such a wonderful comment. :)

ac1D (author)hastyhost2010-01-17

Arf- this was an bad-day comment, sorry :-(
Nice instructables tough.

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