Robert explains how you can accomplish using the iMac 27inch as a green screen.

Download the green wallpaper here: http://canon.robert-smith.n...
<p>When I need more than one at a time, I first export the first green screen, make a new project, import it, and then add another one. Just a tip. :)</p>
Hi,<br /> <br /> Some individuals are not as experience with computers as you and I are, and I'm not the type that leaves people in the dark. All instructables do not have to be extremely advanced to be considered an instructable.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> As for other screens you can use, I'm sure you can use other screens, but this instructable was purely for the iMac to show one use one could use it for.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Thanks for taking the time to leave such a wonderful comment. :)<br />
Arf- this was an bad-day comment, sorry :-(<br /> Nice instructables tough.<br />

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